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Weight Loss
Weight Management and Wellness Program

Sandy Discusses Smart Workout's Weight Loss Program

Smart Workout’s Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive support system addressing all needs for a successful and healthy weight loss.

Smart Workout’s Weight Loss Program provides:

This combination of attention to mind and body will modify your relationship with food, enhance your fitness level, and segue you into a healthy life style.

The Weight Loss Program lasts for 12 weeks, and consists of 15 Personal Training sessions; 6 private meetings with our CHC for nutrition education and motivation counseling; 24 small group exercise classes, and two Assessment sessions for baseline testing and review.

During the first week you’ll have a 90 minute Assessment, during which 12 physical tests will be given to determine baseline measures of muscle strength, endurance, cardio-respiratory fitness, and fat to muscle ratio.

An interview will elicit exercise modality preferences, medical history, and fitness needs. Goals will be set for the conclusion of the 12 week program. Then a schedule will be set for the rest of the week, which will include 2 small group exercise classes (a resistance class, and a cardio class).

During the second week you will have a private consultation with our nutritionist CHC; a Personal Training session with a Fitness Assistant, and 2 small group exercise classes.

During each week of the next 9 weeks, you will have 2 small group exercise classes, plus a Personal Training session, plus either a private Nutrition Consultation, or a second Personal Training session.

During the last week of the program you’ll have 2 small group exercise classes, a Nutrition Consultation, and a 60 minute Assessment session, at which the physical tests will be readministered to measure changes in the baseline numbers, and to assess progress toward fitness goals.

The Personal Training sessions, which will be tailored to individual needs and preferences, will consist of a strength training module and a cardio module, each of which will differ from session to session, to ensure a totally rounded workout regime, and gradual increases in workload.

The nutrition/wellness sessions will determine specific lifestyle goals for losing fat and increasing activity; identifying cues that trigger bad eating; planning healthy meals; the impact of emotions on eating; and using caloric density models to control calorie intake.

All exercise classes at Smart Workout are “small group”. . . limited to just 5 people in a class.


Non-members: $2,300
Members: $1,600
The price includes a two-hour Assessment session (baseline tests and interview); 15 Personal Training sessions; 6 private Nutrition Counseling sessions; 24 small group exercise classes; a 60 minute initial Assessment session to measure progress towards fitness goals, and a 60 minute assessment at the end.

If you should later decide to join Smart Workout, you would get a rebate of $500.

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Smart Workout's Weight Loss Motivational Counseling

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