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"Row" Your Way to a Better Body May 5, 2012
Health by By Kristyna Kane

indoor rowing smart workout

Get ready to row your way into killer shape. Call it the comeback kid of cardio equipment: The old-school rower is back, and this most underrated machine in the gym is now the main focus of many of the city's best fitness options.

Working every major muscle group, the rower burns serious calories - 400 to 800 in a 45-minute class. So grab your paddle and get rowing........

4. Indoor Rowing
Smart Workout, a boutique gym on the East Side, offers this class of intense cardio intervals that uses the rower to complete a ton of resistance exercises for the abs, upper body and legs. Rowing is continued during, and integrated into, the resistance exercises, so there is a cardio workout throughout the entire class.

Where: Smart Workout, 124 E. 40th St., Suite 603, 212-661-1660; $375/15-class pack or various membership options.......

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