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Better.TV Oct, 2010
Side Elliptical - On Air Segment

better tv air ropes segment

On Air segment
transcript (complete transcript coming shortly)

anchor: You've all seen the basic tred mills, the elliptical machines, but we've got something that can make your workout even more effective. Andrea Metcalf shows us the side elliptical. It's all in today's getting fit.
Andrea: You know I'm always looking for the newest, greatest fitness products on the market and we have a new spinoff on the elliptical pattern. Typically you think of the elliptical as moving forward, taking out the impact of traditional walking and running. Well what if you were to put that into the lateral plane? Well it's no suprise that people from Boston, with the big hockey and ice skating that goes on there, came up with the machine that does the elliptical with that side range of motion. I'm at the Smark Workout Gym in midtown Manhattan and they are actually give classes, small group classes with this peice of equipement. I have Giulian Rinaldo, Giulian, tell us some of the moves we are going to do on this piece of equipement called the Helix.
Giulian: Well what you can do is bring it up to level to start, and then what you can do is press down and out with your left foot, and go into a surfing motion. This works the abductors and the inner outer thighs.
Andrea: Yea, I can feel this on the outer thights and the inner thighs, the thing I really love about this is figure eight patterns and non traditional movement. We end up now instead of going forward, we go side to side. It can help relieve some knee injuries, back injuries, and even prevent lower back pain. So what's another movement you do in this class?
Giulian: Take your hands on these bottom bars and sit back and take it down into a squat. Keep those feet moving......

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