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Always a Bridesmaid

My New Calling?
August 05, 2008
Posted by The Blogsmaid

So, last night I decided to push my fitness limits a little bit and took my very first ever Pole Dancing Class! We had been contacted by Smart Workout to give their gym a try since they offer a very special Wedding Workout package. The premise of the gym is a cool one- all classes are semi-privates, 4 or 5 people at most, and the set up feels like you are working out at someone's really nice home gym.

Mayra signed me up for Pilates, since if you read this blog, you know I'm addicted. After Pilates she joined me for our turn around the pole. Where do I begin except to start by saying that I have a new found respect for Pole Dancers. You won't believe the Upper Body strength that this takes!

We learned a routine and did some cool pole tricks, and they equipped the scene with what I can only imagine was their "stripper mix"- it involved a lot of version of "fever", various Pussy Cat Doll songs and, surprisingly, Evanescence?? Anyway, the biggest challenge, frankly, was not the moves, but looking sexy. Neither of us succeeded. I imagined how different the "Bada Bing" would have seemed if the girls all looked like they were about to giggle or had intense looks of concentration on their faces. Kim, our instructor, was an excellent sport amidst all of our wisecracks!

pole girl

So, overall, POLE DANCING- AWESOME workout! I can't lift my arms today and my abs are KILLING me. AND they do private parties for up to 10 girls (2 hours on the pole!) Not only is the Smart Workout a great deal for brides to be, but you can learn a few sexy moves for your special someone while you're at it.

Next week I go back for Cheerleading class!

Posted by The Blogsmaid on August 05, 2008 at 12:47 PM

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