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Wednesday June 13, 2007

Strip the pounds away
No wonder exotic dancers are so's the pole
by Daisy Carrington

Are you just jonesing for rock-hard abs? I know I am, but that chocolate cake keeps getting in the way.
If you're ready to finally dedicate yourself to acquiring the killer bod you've always dreamed of, you might want to start by asking a professional how it's done.... a professional stripper that is.
While Kim Domke isn't a stripper herdelf (rather, she's a trainer a Smart Workout, a gym in midtown), she knows the moves these hardworking women use to get in shape.
"Pole-dancing unleashes your inner sexy" she says. It's also the best combination of body toning, body strengthening, dancing , balancing and fun"
We bet it is!
Below is a workout for the ladies, and any adventutous men out there.

1. Ab Roll-Ups
Lie down on your back with your legs straight out and your hands placed under your butt. Keeping your lower back against the floor, lift your legs toward the ceiling. Continue to bring your legs back toward your head in a pike position. At the top of your foll, straddle your legs. Regerse the movements as you roll down slowly. For a less intinsive workout, you can do this move with your knees bent.

pole dance sequence

2. Hook Spin
Standing next to a pole, raise your right arm high and grip the pole. Keep the right side of you body close to the pole. With your left hand, grip the pole at face level. Engage your back and shoulder muscles, making sure not to "hang" from your arm. Step forward with your left leg, and hook your right leg around the pole with the back of your knee contacting the pole. Lean away from the pole while keeping your arm straight. Fall forward to create momentum and begin your spin. Pick up your left leg and sustain the position by engaging your abdominal muscles. Continue your spin toward the floor and land on your feet.

pole dance sequence

3. Pole Slide
Stand with your back against a pole; your feet should be 12-18 inches in front, creating an angle. Grip the pole with one hand above your head for balance. Slide down the pole and get into a crouching position (your back should stay aligned with the pole). Once you have your balance, repeat the above while standing on one leg and unfolding your free leg to extend straight out from your hip, creating a 90-degree angle. This move can be done against a wall if you don't have a pole.

pole dance sequence

Wednesday June 13, 2007


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