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wpix_logo Jan 4, 2010
Wake-Up Workout
Jump To Fitness with Airopes

Get into the "swing" of a new fitness routine with Airopes! Sandra Partyka, senior fitness assistant at Smart Workout, was here with details.

Smart Workout's Airopes class is a total body workout: cardio, resistance, agility and balance. Airopes have the handles of a jump rope, with weights attached, without the full length of a connecting rope.

This enables the aerobic benefits of a jump rope, while avoiding the harsh impact of continuous jumping, and permits incorporating a unique array of cardio moves. The swing resistance provides a continuous upper body workout, even while performing traditional lower body moves.

Partyka demonstrated these moves:
• The Basic Swing - Strengthens forearms and biceps
• Arms Up - Works shoulders and adds aerobics to routine
• Arms Out - Strengthens deltoids and latissimus dorsi
• Lunges - Work the quads and gluteus maximus


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