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KidZ Fit

Smart Workout’s KIDZ FiT, is a unique program of exercise and nutrition, for boys and girls ages 6 to 10.

With separate classes included for parents, Smart Workout provides a fitness experience that’s fun for the whole family.

For busy New Yorkers trying to balance family time, career time, and personal time,
KIDZ FiT provides a practical solution…...While your kids enjoy their classes, the parents get separate classes of their own.

Smart Workout’s extraordinary group of trainers have the education, talent, and experience, to provide quality care for your children. So you can take care of yourself, while Smart Workout takes care of your kids!

Smart Workout’s kid selections are classes that your kids will actually want to do. Kids have a great time, while learning the concepts of a healthy lifestyle.

And with just 8 students in a class, your kid (and you!), will get the level of attention you each deserve.

Our Classes

Small Frye Cooking
: Kids learn healthy choices, while doing hands-on cooking activities. They eat what they make, take home “leftovers”, and get recipes to try out on the whole family! Examples of our menu include: Whole wheat pita pizza with Italian green salad, and baked pears with low-fat ricotta; fiesta cheese quesadillas with confetti black bean salad, and toasted coconut fruit kebabs.

Mighty Muscles: Gymnastics, Hula Hoops, basketball drills, "soft weight" lifting, fencing (with foam swords), all help to develop your children’s strength, stamina, and coordination.

Big Kid Boxing: A non-combat class that teaches exercises and training methods used by boxers. There is no sparring or actual boxing performed, but kids will definitely feel like a young Sugar Ray. The class includes workouts on the trampoline, the physio ball, the step, Airopes, Medicine Ball relays, and of course, the punching bag.

Parent’s Pump-Up: Kickboxing, Total Body Conditioning, Kettlebells, and Warrior Workout. There is nothing kid-like about these heavy duty workouts.

Each kid’s session includes 1 of each of our three types of classes. Each parents’ session has 3 different classes… no repeats.

Schedule 2011

All classes are held on Saturdays, from 11:30-12:30pm.

Fall Session:

Sat Oct 22 - kids class Mighty Muscles, parents class Kickboxing
Sat Nov 5 - kids class Big Kid Boxing parents class Kettlebells
Sat Nov 12 kids class Small Fry Cooking, parents class Warrior Workout.


Each session, consists of 3 kid classes and 3 adult classes. A “registration” includes all 6 classes, and costs $132.50*

*Smart Workout members, and siblings, receive a $52.50 discount

Guest Privilages

We permit complimentary guests for the first two weeks (a registrant may bring a parent and a child as their guest). There is no limit to the number of guests that you can bring, except that you can not bring the same guest more than once.

There are no complimentary guests permitted for the third week, but a friend can purchase the third week for $67.50 for parent and child.


To register, we recommend using our PDF version of the Registration Form.
Or simply print the form below, fill out questions and return to us.

Name of Adult (First & Last):___________________________________________

Name of Child
(First):_________________________ Age of Child: ___________

Land Mail Address:_________________________________________________________

E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________


Check Section you are registering for:

__ Fall (starts 10.29.2011)

Payment Method

__ Enclosed check [Make payable to Smart Workout]

__ Credit Card

Number _____________________________________

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