Professional Training
Human Resource Development

A. Our Fitness Assistants

Our Fitness Assistants are recruited from Smart Workout’s Trainer Academy, (a 60 hour program educating fitness professionals in the areas of Group Fitness Instruction and Personal Training Techniques). We select those participants who demonstrate outstanding substantive skills in teaching and training, as well as the intelligence, personality, and talent for marketing, administration, and customer service.

After completing 60 hours in the Trainer Academy, our recruits receive 40 additional hours of in-house training, and then go on to obtain certifications in AFAA Group Fitness, and ACE Personal Training, before becoming Fitness Assistants with Smart Workout.

B. Yoga Mentoring Program

yoga exercise classes   yoga training

Our Yoga classes are taught by participants in our Yoga Mentoring Program. Applicants for this program must have a 200 hour certificate, and be a Registered Yoga Teacher (“RYT”).

The Mentoring program is designed to help our Yogis discover, develop, and practice, their own unique styles of Yoga. We start from the premise that some Yoga teachers are more inspiring than others, and that our Yogis would like to have a style of teaching that is unique; that would develop a following for them.

We provide workshops for our Yogis with a “mentor” (a Yogi with an ERYT designation from Yoga Alliance) which cover formulating class content and teaching techniques.

The Mentoring program contributes to the extraordinary quality of our Yoga classes. Our Yogis are motivated and exceptional, and the classes embody distinctive content.

C. Pilates Instructors

pilates exercise classes   pilates training

Smart Workout offers a premier Pilates Instructor Training and Certification Program, requiring 160 hours of course instruction, self-mastery and Apprentice teaching. All of Smart Workout’s Pilates Instructors are graduates of our own Certification Program, ensuring a uniform quality in all of our Pilates classes.