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Small Group Exercise Classes

  • trampoline exercise class

Trampolining is an aerobics exercise class that reduces body fat; firms legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips; increases agility; improves balance and coordination; strengthens muscles overall; and provides cardio strength for the heart.

Trampolining utilizes 3 forces: gravity, acceleration, and deceleration.   If your body is exposed to 1 ½ times the usual force of gravity, your body will strengthen itself to cope with the stress.

A study by NASA found that Trampolining as an exercise is 68% more oxygen efficient than other forms of exercise.   What this means is that you can exercise quite vigorously on a trampoline, without feeling out of breath, but still gain the same benefits you would from jogging on pavement.   It avoids the shin splints and knee problems associated with exercise on hard surfaces.   It also has the beneficial effect of restoring bone mass and can actually stop osteoporosis from getting any worse.

Trampolining also strengthens the spine.   Trampolining maximizes spinal imbibition, creating a positive impact on spinal and intervertebral disc health.

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