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Figure 8 to Figure Great!
Smart Workout introduces the Helix

This Smart Workout exercise class features the Helix machine, a lateral aerobic trainer. The Helix engages in a “sideways figure 8” motion, which tones the inner and outer thighs, glutes and core, while delivering an intense aerobic workout.

In contrast to conventional cardio machines which work on a front-to-back plane, the Helix’s horizontal figure eight motion achieves sculpting results usually obtained only by weight training, all while conditioning aerobically and burning fat!

Smart Workout’s original class moves through a range of “Helix motions”: arcs, surfing, leg pumps, squats, grinding, semi’s and ball riding, executed at varying speeds and resistance levels.

Smart Workout’s Helix class is a great training for tennis players, golfers, and skiers, and for anyone who wants a fantastic workout.

Better.TV Oct 17, 2010
Side Elliptical - On Air Segment excerpt
anchor: You've all seen the basic tred mills, the elliptical machines, but we've got something that can make your workout even more effective. Andrea Metcalf shows us the side elliptical. It's all in today's getting fit.
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Helix Side Elliptical class

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