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Smart Workout's Airopes class is a total body fitness workout: aerobics, resistance., agility and balance. The "airopes" are the handles of a jumprope, with weights attached, but without the full length of a connecting rope. This enables the aerobic benefits of a jumprope, while avoiding the harsh impact of continuous jumping and permits incorporating an array of cardio moves. The swing resistance adds a continuous upper body workout while performing traditional lower body moves.


The BOSU gym workout integrates fitness training for balance, core stability, cardivascular, and muscular endurance. The BOSU Ball (an acronym for “both sides utilized”) is essentially an exercise ball cut in half. Jogging on the “ball” side is low impact aerobics, and also challenging to the core muscles and balance. Push-ups done on the “flat” side (ball side down) include the challenge of stabilizing the ball, in addition to the strength of the push-up. The BOSU workout integrates balance, core stability, cardiovascular, and muscular endurance.


Boxing fitness training strengthens musculature of the arms, legs, and shoulders; improves speed, aerobic fitness endurance, flexibility, and reflexes. Our resident boxing pro uses punching bags and hand pads to teach the proper techniques for sparring, cross-punches, jabs, and upper cuts.

Broadway Blast

Have the spotlight shine on your inner chorus girl or boy while you do this fitness workout to the sounds of 14 Broadway classics. You're sure to applaud Smart Workout when you add Broadway Blast to your gym workout program.


You’ll swear you can feel the ocean breezes as you do this aerobic workout to the steel drum sounds of calypso music.


Hip Hip Hooray for Smart Workout’s Cheerleader Workout. Use pom poms and soft weights to get into Cheerleader shape. This very special routine works upper and lower body and is fantastic cardio, too. Great Moves. Great Exercise. Great Fun.

Dance to the Hits

The hit songs and dance steps from the 20’s through to today, comprise this fun-filled aerobic workout. Burn the calories away while doing the Charleston, Jitterbug, Mashed Potatoes, Twist, Disco, Hip-Hop, and more.

Fun in the Sun

This warm-weather-minded cardio and resistance routine, incorporates exercises that mimic summertime activities. Stand on the flat side of a BOSU Ball to surf; loop resistance-building Dyna-Bands around your arms and legs and make like you’re swimming; strap on ankle weights to walk in the sand; and sub physio balls for beach balls, while tunes from the Beach Boys and Annette Funicello set the carefree vibe. Even though you won’t need sunscreen, you’ll definitely feel the burn.


This Smart Workout class features the Helix machine, a lateral aerobic trainer. The Helix engages in a “sideways figure 8” motion, which tones the inner and outer thighs, glutes and core, while delivering an intense aerobic workout.

In contrast to conventional cardio machines which work on a front-to-back plane, the Helix’s horizontal figure eight motion achieves sculpting results usually obtained only by weight training, all while conditioning aerobically and burning fat! Smart Workout’s original class moves through a range of “Helix motions”: arcs, surfing, leg pumps, squats, grinding, semi’s and ball riding, executed at varying speeds and resistance levels.

Smart Workout’s Helix class is a great training for tennis players, golfers, and skiers, and for anyone who wants a fantastic workout.


This unique Hip Hop class fuses hip hop and yoga moves, and ends with everyone getting a massage! Now that's the way to get Hip.

Hula Hoop

This low impact aerobic workout is an intense calorie burner. Weighted hula-hoops are used to tone abdominal muscles, promote correct body alignment, and increase balance.

Indoor Rowing

Indoor Rowing is a low impact, high intensity aerobics fitness class, and also an overall body toning gym workout. Build heart strength as you sprint across the water and battle against the current, all while sculpting your shoulders, back, legs, and core as you pull your oars. Indoor Rowing lets you push yourself to your limit, without joint pain or muscle aches. And with Smart Workout’s promise of never more than three to a class, you will feel like the captain of your crew!

Katami Bar

This group fitness exercise class is a gym workout for every muscle in your body. Using the Katami bar as a resistance aid, we delve deep into core and back muscles. The trapezoidal shape of the Katami bar keeps your arms on an even plane, adding ease and accuracy to your workout.


Smart Workout’s Kettlebell exercise class is Mother Russia’s best export since vodka. This gym workout is the ultimate in strength and endurance training.


This fitness training is a fast combo of side kicks, jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and foot work. It is an intense aerobics exercise class, burns loads of calories, and builds strength and endurance.


Spin is a high intensity, low impact, aerobic fitness class. Spinning group exercise classes at Smart Workout include a variety of rides, combining hills and plains, (climbs and sprints), which are simulated by increasing or decreasing the resistance of the special bike. The Spinning fitness workout also tones the lower body and builds endurance.

Step and Sculpt

"Step" is a low impact aerobic fitness class, incorporating the action of stepping onto a platform to intensify the workout. "Step and Sculpt" is a fusion gym workout, incorporating the use of free weights within the aerobic routine.


Swing dancing is a fun way to burn off calories, and get aerobic fitness for your heart. Move to big-band sounds; rock and roll tunes; songs of the King (Elvis); the Queen (Ella); and modern blues stylists (Harry Connick Jr, Lavay Smith). You’ll have so much fun, you won’t realize that you’re in a gym workout.

Tango Workout

Be carried off by the mystery and romance of the tango, in this fitness workout for balance and postural alignment. Tango music; tango steps. Never has a gym workout been so enchanting.


Trampolining is an exercise that reduces body fat; firms legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips; increases agility; improves balance and coordination; strengthens muscles overall; and provides an aerobic effect for the heart.

Trampolining utilizes 3 forces: gravity, acceleration, and deceleration.   If your body is exposed to 1 ½ times the usual force of gravity, your body will strengthen itself to cope with the stress.

A study by NASA found that Trampolining as an exercise is 68% more oxygen efficient than other forms of exercise.   What this means is that you can exercise quite vigorously on a trampoline, without feeling out of breath, but still gain the same benefits you would from jogging on pavement.   It avoids the shin splints and knee problems associated with exercise on hard surfaces.   It also has the beneficial effect of restoring bone mass and can actually stop osteoporosis from getting any worse.

Trampolining also strengthens the spine.   Trampolining maximizes spinal imbibition, creating a positive impact on spinal and intervertebral disc health.

Tred n' Shed

Perfect for time stressed New Yorkers! This treadmill exercise class ensures its participants a workout in their heart’s individual training zone, for a full 20 minutes, in only 30 minutes of time! There are just 2 people in a class, each equipped with a Heart Monitor, going through paces on a treadmill. Through a series of interval inclines, speed jumps, and changes in body positioning, (walking sideways, backwards), the heart is stimulated to its optimal rate. Our fitness assistants give constant surveillance to make sure that the heart rate is never above, or below, where it should be.

There is a great class for those just starting out, because you can never “over-do” in Tred n’ Shed, as your individual training zone defines the level of your class.
And even for those who are fully initiated into a fitness regime, combining Tred n' Shed with a 45 minute Reformer class (or other resistance type class), gives a well rounded and diverse workout, in a manageable amount of time.

Warrior Workout

Warrior Workout is a boot camp body conditioning with a focus on strength, agility, and speed. This is the intense training needed to build a warrior’s physique. A fast paced combo of dead lifts, planks, jogging over hurdles, push-ups, and sit-ups, this class will burn fat, build muscle, and give you killer abs!


The WAVE is a new and exciting approach to exercise. Utilizing a “C” shaped stepper, an intense cardio workout is achieved by “rocking”, side to side, and front to back.

Smart Workout’s WAVE class also incorporates free weights for strengthening moves, and the “C” shaped equipment engages the core and challenges balance. Smart Workout’s WAVE class is also extremely time efficient… in just 30 minutes, you get a fun filled total body workout for strength, cardio, and balance.

Wild West

This ain't your mama's country line dancing. This aerobic dance class will have you sweating with a smile on your face as you tone your hips, thighs, and butt doing this great gym workout. Brooks and Dunn, Johnny Cash and some new favorites like Keith Urban and Reese Witherspoon, provide the soundtrack for this Smart Workout group fitness class. Grab your lasso and guns and dance away the pounds.


“Zumba,” is a Columbian expression that means “move fast and have fun.” Zumba combines Latin rhythms with cardiovascular exercise to create an aerobic routine that’s fun and easy to follow. Zumba uses a variety of styles in its routine, including merengue, salsa, mambo, rhumba, flamenco, and calypso. Zumba utilizes the principle of fitness interval training and resistance training, to maximize caloric output and total body toning. Zumba is already popular in Miami and other U.S. cities, but it’s new to New York, and Smart Workout is delighted to introduce it. (Learn more about Zumba at

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